Vatsalya Gram: A Village Dedicated to Serve the Humanity


‘Vatsalya Gram’, a place where there is only love in the environment. A place that tells us nothing is impossible for a dedicated person. It is an example of the divine love, care and affection. The foundation of this place is laid by Param Pujya Didi Maa Sadhvi Ritambhara Ji. This place has brought happiness and charm in the life of thousands of people.

There are many people in this country who are living in miserable condition. They do not have a home to live in, food to eat and a family that can give them moral and emotional support. Vatsalya Gram is a place where orphans not only get shelter but also live in a family that is made by strong emotional bonds. In a Vatsalya Family, there are 10 members- a mother, a granny, an aunt, five sisters and 2 brothers. They all live with joy and happiness.

For the education of such children, there is an international level school at this village, Samvid Gurukulam. The children get the best possible education here. The syllabus of this school is a perfect blend of modern education and ancient Indian education system. As we know, gurukul system is the best education system that this world has ever seen. It helps to develop a sense of morality and discipline in the students.

Braj Bhoomi is a divine place. It is the place where Lord Krishna spent his childhood, where he redefined the love and played Raas. Thousands of people come every year to this place to experience the divine presence of that immortal love. In Vatsalya Gram, there is a guest house which serves the guests who visits here. There is a canteen too in the premises of this place that serves delicious Indian food to these guests. Apart from these, Goshala is established here to take care of the Govansh as cow possesses a great place in the Indian culture.


NGO- The Service of Mankind is Service of God


Social service is always considered as the greatest service of mankind because it brings smile on the face of a really neDidi Maaedy person. There are millions of people throughout the world who cannot afford proper food, cloth and shelter. To serve such people is equivalent to the service of God Himself. Many non-profit organizations are working to serve the purpose of making a better world for mankind.

Param Pujya Didi Maa sadhvi Ritambhara Ji is also serving the Nation and the world by giving proper guidance to Vatsalya Gram and Param Shakti Peeth. It is also true that thousands of other NGOs are also working in the same direction, and they also care for the women empowerment in India, but the implementation of the ideas in this organization is totally different. It works on the famous maxim in Srimad Bhagwat Gita ’karmanyev ma dhikaraste ma phaleshu kadachana’, that means “You have got choice only over your action (karma) and not over the result of the action”.

The world has witnessed a great change in the social standard of a woman. But still there is a lot to do in this certain area. In fact, we have many NGO for women that are working for the betterment of this half population. Women Empowerment NGO has also played a vital role in making a woman more powerful in recent time. These NGOs take care of every single need of a woman i.e. their health, occupation etc. It is also recognizable that the societies with more independent and working women are progressing by leaps and bounds.

The other NGOs who are doing great job are Child Care NGO. They are taking care of the future of any country and that really matters. A child, who is not nurtured in good condition, can become a troublemaker for the society in coming future. These organizations nurture such children in a very favorable atmosphere so that they can also give their contribution in the progress of the country. Such children are like tender bud and it is a social duty to help these beautiful buds to change in to a beautiful flower so that the whole world can feel their refreshing presence.

Vatsalya Gram – A home of love and Motherly Affection

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There are millions of children on this planet who do not have a family that can give them propVatsalya Gram Vrindavaner love and care, in other words they are ‘orphans’. They don’t know about certain human values i.e. affection, kindness etc, because they never get it. There are thousands of cases where such children are accused in serious criminal activities. Is it not our responsibility to make them know about what the human values are? That is why Param Shakti Peeth is trying to provide great moral values to such kids through its initiative Vatsalya Gram.

Under the divine guidance of Param Pujya Didi Maa Sadhvi Ritambhara Ji, this great place of maternal love is nurturing hundreds of helpless children in its lap. Yashoda Maa of this place in highly concerned about giving all the affection that is important for a growing child. There is a Yashoda Mother for seven kids here. They all live in a family where there is a mother, a granny, an aunt and several brothers and sisters. Param Shakti Peeth is truly a Child Care NGO.

There are millions of NGOs in the present scenario and also they are doing great service of humanity. But this particular organization is one of the most prominent NGO in India. It also helps the old ladies and destitute women to live a good life. There is a temple of education, ‘Samvid Gurukulam’ in the premises of ‘Vatsalya Gram’, that is loaded with all qualities of being an school of International level along with traditional Indian education.

The works for women by this excellently governed organization also makes it stand on the first place among women empowerment NGO in India. It gives vocational training to the women from poor families and adolescent girls so that they can earn some extra money. An economically independent woman can make a great contribution to her family as well as the society. This non-profit organization is doing some good things for our society, for our country. What about you?

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